There are many types of cannabinoids which are separated into different categories. The 5 compounds that are highly active such as- CBD, THC, CBC, CBN, and CBG. Today in this article we are going to discuss CBD Vs. CBG what is the significant difference between CBD CBG.

What is CBD?

CBD is the short form of cannabidiol. CBD is one of the most active compounds in the cannabis plant. It does not have any psychoactive properties; it comes with many medical applications. Each person has an endocannabinoid system which helps the body to maintain a healthy biological balance–homeostasis. CBD indirectly slows down the elimination of natural cannabinoids that are produced by the body. It binds directly to certain non-cannabinoid receptors involved in physical and mental health. It can help treat anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis. It also help to fight cancer and reduces the growth of tumors.

What is CBG

CBG is a short form of cannabigerol. It is an active compound in cannabis plant other than CBD. It is a non-psychoactive compound meaning it does not makes you high. The composition of CBG is less than 1% of the cannabis plant. Therefore, this compound is considered as a minor cannabinoid.CBG has been promising in treating Glaucoma as the compound reduces Intraocular Pressure. CBG has also been said to relieve pain as having analgesic properties. It also helps in resolving skin problems by increasing the production of natural moisturizers in the skin which as a result, helps fight dry skin.

The difference between CBD and CBG

CBG and CBD are two fully totally different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. They each have totally different chemical structures and are found in several concentrations. Unlike CBD, CBG hasn’t received a lot of attention, possibly as a result of its completely found in trace amounts.


We hope that you now understand the difference between CBG and CBD. For any query, please feel to comment below section. Thanks for reading.

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