We have all heard of Cannabis sativa plant, haven’t we? And what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of it? Well, it is marijuana, isn’t it? But marijuana is not the only thing that we get from Cannabis plants. It has various other products which are extremely beneficial for human beings and has no psychoactive effects. CBD is one such product which we get from the Cannabis sativa plant which has proved itself to be extremely beneficial in recent times. It is a very good product for human beings as well as for different animals. CBD, if used beneficially, can be used to produce a large number of effects which can improve the overall health of human beings.

How do we get CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant?

After the Cannabis sativa plant has become fully mature, then they are harvested and all its products are extracted and stored. After that, we get a different variety of products and some of them are CBN, CBD, and CBG. Out of them, CBD is the most popular product and is being used in various ways.

What is the flu?

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Flu is a very common highly contagious viral disease. It is referred to as influenza. It generally spreads by coughs and sneezes from an infected person. You can also catch flu by using the items of an infected person. It can last up to 7 days and it can make you severely sick. There are no proper ways to treat flu because antibiotics are not as effective as it is a viral disease. The flu vaccine can be the only way to prevent yourself from getting the flu but the flu vaccines are not very suitable for people who have a severe allergy. The symptoms of the flu can be very disturbing. Some of the common symptoms include sore throat, headache, high temperature, running nose, and cold sweats. It may also cause severe symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This disease is extremely common in children and you may have to suffer from it for one complete week. It can make you feel extremely tired for several weeks.

Common ways to treat influenza:

Some of the common antivirals which are used to treat influenza are oseltamivir and zanamivir. In research conducted in the year 2018 by the United States Food and Drug Administration, it was seen that a new drug called baloxavir marboxil can effectively treat influenza. It is an extremely good way to treat the disease and can give proper results in a very short time. However, anyone who’s above the age of 12 is free to use this medication.

Pain-killers: Pain-killers are an effective way to treat influenza. When you suffer from influenza, you may also have to suffer from continuous headache and body aches which can be very disturbing and hamper your daily schedule. In such cases, you can take painkillers which will help you to give temporary relief from the pain. However, certain painkillers like aspirin are not good for children under 12 years of age and also pain-killers can affect your liver.

Home remedies: There are certain home remedies as well which can give you temporary relief from other symptoms of influenza. You should always make sure that you are taking in plenty of water. You should eat a healthy diet whenever you are suffering from such a disease. You should also try to keep yourself as warm as possible. However, if you see that your symptoms are quite severe, then you must visit a doctor and ask for his advice.

How can CBD be used to beat the flu season?

There are various benefits of CBD which makes it ideal in treating flu.

CBD has the pain-relieving property: When you are suffering from influenza, some of the most common symptoms which you will have to face is body ache and headache. There is a continuous sensation of pain in your body which prevents you from recovering from the disease. CBD consumption can give you relief from pain. Also, it has none of the side-effects of the harmful chemical medicines which are used to treat pain. CBD products are extremely effective and can give positive effects within minutes of its consumption. CBD is a natural analgesic which is also devoid of any side-effects. It directly interacts with the CBD receptors of your brain and gives necessary results. It is also useful in calming you from inside and gives you relief from stress and anxiety.

CBD can be used to bring down body temperature. During flu, your body temperature may rapidly increase which may lead to rapid sweating. It may also make you feel sick and dehydrated. On CBD consumption, your body temperature will come down to a normal level and you will start feeling better.

CBD can give you good sleep: The best way to treat flu is lots of sleep. When you sleep, the cells of your body rejuvenates itself and makes you feel fresh and energetic. The more you sleep, the sooner will you be cured of influenza. CBD can not only give you a good sleep but is also capable of improving the quality of your sleep. You will see that you are getting an undisturbed sleep which will make you feel fresh in the morning.

What is the correct dosage for CBD?

There is no particular dosage of CBD. The scientists are still not very sure about its appropriate dosage but even then, it is not a very harmful product as a higher amount of CBD does not cause any potential threat to your body. You can choose your dose for yourself by increasing your CBD consumption each day until you get the desired result. However, if you start to suffer from side-effects, then you should stop consuming it immediately and ask a doctor for advice. He will surely be able to tell you what needs to be done at that particular moment.

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