A plant oil that has CBD infused in hemp oil becomes an ideal product as it offers a slew of medical benefits. In addition, an extracted hemp oil that is full-spectrum becomes a reservoir of naturally occurring minerals as well as vitamins like A, B complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin and also Thiamine.
Besides, it also contains the goodness of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C and Vit E. Such a product being purity tested with all its ingredients being sustainably farmed without any herbicide, pesticide or heavy solvents becomes a premium cannabinoid product. Yes, this is exactly what the Signature Series Ultra CBD Hemp Oil by ThoughtCloud is, a pure vegan and cleanly sourced product that can be used as a daily supplement.

The Most Appropriate Mix Of CBD And Hemp Oil


The Ultra CBD Hemp Oil is a water-soluble tincture produced from organic hemp which makes CBD more bioavailable. The medical advantages that you reap from this product are an enhanced immune system function, better sleep quality, anxiolytic, antioxidant and neuroprotective benefits to name a few.

In addition, Hemp is similar to a superfood which can be consumed by anyone and contains more than 85 types of phytocompounds and is filled with nutritional components such as fatty acids, Vitamin A, the B vitamins and also D. Moreover, Hemp supplements also offer chlorophyll that has anti-aging, blood building and purifying properties, proteins that are the building blocks of the muscles, hormones, skin, cartilage and even the blood in your body.

Moreover, as a protein supplement the Ultra CBD hemp oil can also help in your weight loss and builds the amino acids necessary for your muscles and tissues. Equally, the presence of minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium as well as beta-carotene, flavonoids and different antioxidants in this Ultra CBD hemp oil makes it a potent oil.

An Exclusive Line Of CBD Hemp Oil Product From ThoughtCl0ud


The Signature Series from ThoughtCl0ud uses three signature flavors of apple, cherry, and grape in their tinctures and three different potencies. However, each bottle contains 60 ml of the tincture with the dosage specified as applying two filled up droppers twice daily as the proper dosage. The Ultra formula is a strong formula which contains CBD 3600 mg and is packed with wellness and nutrition. Reared from the hemp plants cultivated in licensed farms of Colorado and extracted using the CO2 technique for drawing out the phytonutrients, this super formula has CBD infused into a superior grade MCT oil that makes possible the best metabolic efficiency. MCTs are a wellspring of energy, combats bacterial growth, promotes heart wellness and also assists in diabetes, epilepsy, autism and Alzheimer disease management.
This infusion of CBD into MCT oil and also hemp seed oil allows a slower and permanent absorption through the GI (gastrointestinal tract). Furthermore, the easily digestible oil- MCT also maintains the ketosis state of your body to assist in weight loss. This tincture is soy, sugar, and sugar-free, and is non-GMO and also propylene glycol free.

Offers Full Spectrum Whole Plant Benefits

ThoughtCl0ud Ultra Series CBD hemp oil acts as a whole plant medicine as the synergistic compounds of the entire plant is used to enhance and heighten the effectiveness of CBD. The full spectrum of cannabinoids existing with the cannabis produces the “entourage effect” that helps in maintaining the synergistic relationship and combating the myriads of ailments and symptoms. The compounds become more effective and powerful in the presence of one another than they would have been if taken alone.

The signature series is a full spectrum oil that contains the packed power of diverse cannabinoids in every drop like CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), CBDV (Cannabidivarin),  CBDV (Cannabidivarin), and also CBC (Cannabichromene). This phytocannabinoid rich formula combines the naturally occurring compounds from the hemp plants to give you a full spectrum extract that is loaded with additional health benefits. These plant compound work together in harmony to magnify the therapeutic properties that they individually possess. Ultimately, this complex combination of cannabinoids, vital nutrients, healthy fats and also protein work in sync to promote homeostasis and overall balance in your health.

Wrapping Up

This nutritional supplement from ThoughtCl0ud makes it’s consumers handle everything from anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, addiction, epilepsy to acute pain. For those users who enjoy ultra-potent CBD oils, this is a wonderful alternative to consider. Incredible organic flavors from a pure grape, apple, and cherry are available in the ultra series and ThoughtCl0ud’s signature series comes in three different strengths which accommodate various cannabinoid preferences in 60 ml container. This tincture carries 3,600 mg of CBD and provides you the best overall mix of potency, purity, lab testing by the third party, taste as well as the cost-to-value percentage.

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