A general dilemma often faced while showering is whether to go for bar soap or try out a body wash. Though it boils down to your choice, let us make an effort to convince you about the wonder that the eco-friendly soap bars are. Fortunately at last we have an underrated face cleansing alternative in our routine: bar soap that are eco-conscious, more affordable and you can even carry it on airplanes without wasting a thought on stringent TSA guidelines for liquids. In addition they are such effective and adorable cleansers- so why not go for such great gliders on your damp skin.

This beauty bar from ThoughtCl0ud is pure classic and gets all your job done whether moisturizing, cleansing, healing acne or exfoliating all in one go. You can carry your face cleansing habits into 2019 with this gentle bar which can well become your daily staple for facial cleansing routine. Lather yourself up with the Full Spectrum Facial Beauty Bar which harnesses the power of Castile, Olive, Lime, and Coconut oil, Shea butter, finely grounded oatmeal and infused with 300mg of full spectrum CBD.

A Moisturizing Bar That Deep Cleanses

This pure vegetable based bar moisturizes and quenches dry skin making it supple due to its high shea butter proportion which acts as a moisturizer. It leaves an everlasting moisturizing feel with the combination of coconut and olive oil which lends a supple and soft appearance to your skin. A well-moisturized skin looks well hydrated too and this formulation improves dehydrated skin by softening the skin. The application of olive oil in this bar serves to moisturize as well as hydrate the skin. A great absorbent Olive oil gets easily soaked inside the skin without interfering with the barrier upon the skin and moisturizes perfectly.

Slathering moisturizer on a damp skin helps to lock in moisture and hydration and the facial bar contains superb moisturizers in coconut oil and shea butter. The ozonated coconut CBD Skin cream by ThoughtCl0ud also comprised of coconut oil blended with bubbled ozone to formulate a nourishing salve for the skin. Besides, the use of hemp seed oil in this buttery soap bar makes it ideal for retaining moisture as along with moisturizing and relaxing the skin, it also has anti-aging qualities. Hemp soaps are effective moisturizers as hemp oil retains the natural oils of your skin.

One Of A Kind CBD Infused Facial Bar

Facial Bar

This bar is one of a kind as it comprises of vital Omega 3 and 6 and is stacked with anti-aging compounds and antioxidants for optimum effect. Full-spectrum CBD which consists of the entire plant extract is applied in this facial bar, which is sold in 300mg strength. In such potency, the CBD infused bar with it’s naturally stacked Vitamins E and C the two potent reinvigorating nutrients leaves you revitalized in a buoyant mood. These super vitamins safeguards your skin wholesomely from stress and radicals from the environment and retards your aging process to lend a youthful look. Stacked with the antibacterial and anti-oxidizing attributes of CBD this bar has everything that can restore your sensitive skin with it’s dedicated care.
Laced with the total full spectrum CBD effect, this creamy bar works like a strong antioxidant that tackles your aging concerns, cleanses deeply and decongests all toxins.
Loaded with the combined effect of full spectrum CBD it acts as a powerful antioxidant that meets your anti-aging problems, deeply cleanses and also decongests toxins.

An All-round Flawless Skin Care

This vegan bar soap packs a punch of ThoughtCl0ud’s finest ingredients like Castile that unclogs pores through deep cleansing, natural oils such as olive and coconut with their both moisturizing and anti-oxidant qualities. Stacked with the creamy shea butter with a comedogenic 0 marking this skin nourisher unclogs your pores and does not strip your skin of it’s natural oils.

A superb multitasking bar that is an all out winners as it:

  • Exfoliates with it’s grounded oatmeal
  • Moisturizes with olive, hemp oil, and coconut oil
  • Sanitizes and revitalizes with the  effects of full spectrum CBD
  • A formulation that unclogs pores with it’s Castile content

Try out this invigorating bar to jumpstart your morning with its jasmine fragrance that works like an aromatherapy, to its great lather and the combined mix of its essential oils and moisturizers. This premium beauty bar can balance, renew and soothe your skin for supple and velvety skin in one go.

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