Though called a lifestyle disease, diabetes can also become a silent killer. For more than a decade, millions of persons have suffered the loss of vision, kidney, and heart failure as well as limb amputations due to ailment diabetes. It becomes critical for diabetic patients to regulate their levels of blood-glucose and take care of the associated manifestations of this disease. Diabetes has remained a complex disease, and the origins of both types of diabetes 1 and 2 are yet to ascertain.

Though the origin of diabetes is still unknown, the effect which it has on our body by no means is unknown. Both kinds of diabetes develop from the discrepancy in our body’s capacity to generate and control insulin which is a hormone formed by our pancreas which allows our body to dispose of sugar. With the advancement of the disease, people require insulin supplementation or else pursue an insulin replacement treatment that is quite expensive. However, research has backed the relationship between the phytocannabinoid CBD and diabetes, through extensive testing still needs to be carried out to arrive at a definite conclusion.

Generally, the most conventional therapy for diabetes is sticking to healthy food, weight maintenance, and drug therapy. At times such treatments have their unfavorable side effects. Natural therapy for diabetes has also been the plant component reared from the hemp plant known as CBD which has emerged as an organic remedy.

CBD For Diabetes

CBD For Diabetes

Diabetes comprises a metabolic disturbance, whereby with Type 1, insulin production by our body is halted, Type 2 alters the glucose and sugar processing within the bloodstream. As an innovative treatment for diabetes, the advantages of CBD has come into focus.
CBD or cannabidiol as a natural diabetic remedy performs the following functions.

  • Curbs diabetic complications like atherosclerosis or plaque deposit inside arteries, cell impairment, and inflammation
  • Improves optic nerve problems and lessens neurotoxicity and swelling
  • It raises glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity
  • Constitutes a neuroprotectant that is patented and decreases infarcts
  • Can lower the risk of limb amputation if used in initial stages
  • Stabilizes the levels of blood sugar
  • Contains antioxidant properties that reduce arterial inflammation
  • Improves circulation and alleviates muscle cramps
  • Provides neuroprotection that helps to decrease neuropathic pain which is a diabetic complication
  • Lowers blood pressure which is essential for diabetes sufferers
  • Utilizing CBD oil and butter infused foods in place of traditional fats improve heart wellness
  • Applied as a vaporizer, CBD oil assists in soothing restless leg syndrome (RLS) which is a general condition faced by diabetic patients.

CBD For diabetes

Scientific studies conducted in Israel inside the Hebrew University, led by the pioneer of CBD, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam held the prevalence of CBD receptors in various body tissues. The observations hinted at the therapeutic influence of CBD, the compound that has no euphoric effects and can be altered to adjust to the various receptors. These receptors situated in the tissues and cells help to control the working of various organs. Hence, different disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and atherosclerosis could be treated when the cannabinoids interact with the receptors.

Chronic inflammation has been recognized to play a major part in the evolution of insulin resistance which leads to type 2 level of diabetes. The investigators held the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD to be effective in treating such inflammation and hence boost the metabolism of our body. Moreover, CBD oil can accelerate the metabolism rate which implies that for a patient with Type-2 diabetes if they become obese, CBD oil ensures the patient returns to their previous weight or incurs some weight loss.


Natural cannabinoids like CBD have become an amazing alternative remedy for treating and regulating diabetes. As CBD has been reared from the extracts of the hemp plant that has no psychoactivity and side effects, but rather a beneficiary impact on metabolism and levels of insulin.

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