Keep your date with serums, the liquid that appears magical and reverts you back to your science lab days when you are mixing potions to get the perfect formula. For those who are first-timers in this experimentation, exploring the ideal serum that suits your type of skin can be challenging more so with the list of ingredients that seems to feature in a dermatologist’s world.

Serums make a complicated cosmetic, to speak the least and consist of micro-particles of particular compounds and perform a specific function like erasing wrinkles, targeting acne, or diminishing under-eye circles.

The serum that has something for everyone whatever the skin types are and with a special formulation of ozone infused jojoba oil and loaded with the cell renewal and anti-aging qualities of full spectrum CBD is ThoughtCl0ud’s Facial Glaze Serum. This lightweight serum

The Facial Glaze Serum is a lightweight facial serum that is formulated with jojoba oil which is infused with ozone that destroys microorganisms and is full spectrum organic CBD that is excellent for cell renewal and reducing fine lines. Stock it up as it is one of a kind formulation that makes your skin hydrated all the day through, is packed with active ingredients and lightweight potions that transform your skin.

A CBD-Infused Age-Defying Serum

This firming serum uses a rare mix of full spectrum CBD oil and ozonated jojoba oil. It’s full-spectrum CBD infusion can heal skin disorders such as parched skin, psoriasis, and even eczema. Inflammation lies at the basis of everything evil, whether it concerns acne or aging manifestations. Acne becomes a tough nut to crack due to its various layers: clogged pores and additional sebum.

Valuable research has revealed the phytonutrient from the hemp plant, CBD as a natural therapy to curb such breakouts by moderating oil production of the sebaceous glands and reviving the skin healing process. This is quite a big deal in controlling acne formation beside the slew of advantages that CBD offers in skin care from countering aging, acting as an antioxidant, soothing and softening the skin when applied topically.

The “entourage effect” caused by myriad compounds inside the whole plant extract furnishes a host of collective benefits that result from their synergy. This would have been wanting if CBD was exclusively used as now you are receiving a full profile of cannabinoids which includes the combined effects of CBN, CBC,CBDV and CBG products. All working in concert to churn out optimal health benefits. Applying whole-plant CBD is similar to consuming a diet of whole-foods.

A Rare Infusion Of Ozonated Jojoba Oil

A beauty secret that has remained under wraps is the restorative powers of Ozonated oil. This healing process improves blood circulation, lowers inflammation and curbs infection and pain. Jojoba oil is similar to the natural oils of your skin which makes it a superb absorbent and unclogs the pores. When infused with ozone it turns into an oxygen abundant moisturizing cream that enhances the look and suppleness of your facial skin.
Ozone acts as a powerful detoxifier when it is preserved in its proper form and is versatile in healing skin problems. This ozonated jojoba oil impacts our skin cells and revamps impaired tissues within no time. It’s highly effectual in managing acne as well as fungal pollutants. The jojoba oil infused with ozone in Facial Glaze Serum augments the multiplication of healthy cells and also nourishes and moisturizes the parched and dehydrated skin. It also soothes swelling and rashes spreading on the skin.


A treat for all types of skin combination, the Facial Glaze Serum from ThoughtCl0ud’s is a remarkable moisturizer that permeates deeper inside the skin to work upon specific regions and focus on core aspects of your skin concerns. Add this face serum into your beauty aisle as it hydrates your skin all day through so that you do not require any reapplication. These super hydrating combination brightens a lifeless complexion, removes eye puffiness and under-eye circles, peps up skin tone, boosts collagen, moisturizes and conditions. Protect your skin with the right formulas that this perfect Facial Glaze Serum offers as an anti-aging elixir.

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