A night of good night sleep is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you are not getting perfect sleep then you will have a negative effect on your brain function and hormone levels. You will also observe a lack of concentration and performance in daily activities. CBG and CBD chemical compound have a number of medical properties which help in treating anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, bipolar disorder, skin disorders and many more.
Here in this article, I will highlight ten tips to improve your sleep.


CBD For Improve Your Sleep
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CBD cannabidiol has emerged as a potential substance to improve sleep. CBD interacts with endocannabinoid system of our body which activates CB1 & CB2 receptors. These receptors regulate the chemicals which are responsible for regulating mood and sleep. CBD also reduces stress and anxiety which helps in reducing the symptoms of insomnia. You can use CBD in different forms to improve your sleep like CBD oil, tincture, wax and vaping.

Limit light exposure in the evening

CBD For Improve Your Sleep
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When you have too much exposure to the light in the evening then there is a negative impact on your circadian rhythm. Disturbance in circadian rhythm reduces the level of a hormone known as melatonin. This melatonin hormone is responsible to get you to relax and into a deep sleep.

Electronic devices like smartphone and computers emit a large amount of blue light. There are different ways by which you can avoid blue light,



  1. Wear glasses which can block blue light.
  2. Install an application in your smartphone and computers which reduces the level of blue light on your phone.
  3. Avoid watching TV in a bright light before going to bed.

Increase bright light exposure in a day time

The circadian rhythm of your body has a natural clock which tells you that it’s time to sleep. Bright light exposure or sunlight exposure improves your circadian rhythm which boosts sleeping time. Few hours of bright light exposure in adults suffering from insomnia have shown a positive result in improving sleep.

Limit caffeine consumption

Caffeine boosts up the energy and focus because of which your nervous system naturally resist relaxation. If you are having caffeine six hours before sleeping then you will worsen your sleep. Caffeine has the ability to stay in your blood for more than six hours. It is better to stop having caffeine drinks in the late evening.

Have consistent sleep & wake time

The circadian rhythm of your body is naturally aligned with sunrise and sunset. If you are not having consistent sleep time and wake time then it will interrupt circadian rhythm. The people who have irregular sleep and wake time are more prone to sleeping disorders. Having irregular sleep patterns can also cause melatonin hormonal imbalance, this hormone is responsible for regulation sleep time in your body. When you have consistent sleep and wake time then naturally you will fall asleep.

Avoid daytime naps

CBD For Improve Your Sleep
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Having small naps in the daytime makes you feel relaxed but it can also affect your sleep. When you sleep in the daytime then you circadian rhythm gets confused because of which you will have difficulty sleeping at night. So it is better to avoid long daytime sleep if you want to have a good quality of sleep at night.

Having thirty minutes of sleep or less than that in daytime enhances your brain function but more than that can lead to sleeping difficulties

Have balanced food before going to bed

CBD For Improve Your Sleep
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If you are going to bed hungry then you will disrupt your sleep. Try to eat the right amount of food before going to bed. Avoid drinking fluid in large quantities especially alcohol. When you eat too much food before going to bed then it can cause discomfort and stomach ache while sleeping.

Use melatonin supplement

CBD For Improve Your Sleep
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Melatonin is a hormone which tells your brain that it is the time to sleep. Having a melatonin supplement will improve your sleep and it will also reduce the symptoms of insomnia.

People who keep traveling to different countries frequently suffer from major sleeping disorders. Use of a melatonin supplement can help them a lot in adjusting the new time zone. You can start with a low dose and increase it accordingly if needed.


Exercise regularly

CBD For Improve Your Sleep
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Exercise gives you a healthy lifestyle and it also helps your body to get tire when it’s time to sleep. Having one hour of regular exercise can improve your sleep. However, do not exercise for at least two hours before going to sleep as it will wake you up.

Set bedroom accordingly

Optimizing your bedroom accordingly can help in improving your sleep. Temperature, external lights, and noise are an important factor in your healthy bedroom environment. You can change the position of the bed, you can reduce the light and noise effect to enjoy a good sleep. You can also change your mattress if you are not comfortable while sleeping and make sure you have moderately cool room temperature for sleeping.

Stay calm

When you are not able to sleep it’s better to stay calm and relax. People who are suffering from anxiety and stress are prone to the sleeping disorder. You can use CBD to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. It will help in leveling the chemical reaction in your brain in order to get proper sleep. Use of CBG also helps in reducing the chronic pain which helps you to have good sleep.

Consult doctor

CBD For Improve Your Sleep
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If nothing helps you then it’s better to consult the doctor right away. He will ask your medical history and other things. It’s better to tell all the symptoms which are not letting you sleep this will help the doctor in suggesting you best treatment.

Bottom line!

Sleep plays a major role in improving your health. The lack of sleep is resulting in a major disease like anxiety, stress, bipolar and obesity. Many studies have also that lack of sleep can lead to heat-related disease. In this article, you can read all the tips and tricks that can improve your sleep.

Apart from tips and tricks use of CBD has also shown prominent evidence in improving sleep. So you can also try CBD as an alternative to treat the sleeping disorder. If you have any question and suggestion related to this article then please feel free to give suggestion in below section.

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